FarmVille Podcast Explains Nursery Barn Glitch, Teases Avatar Customization

Wed, Sep 29, 2010

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The latest edition of the FarmVille podcast saw FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious not only offering users a sneak peek of items that are coming soon to FarmVille, but also to explain a growing concern among users that chose to own more than one Nursery Barn.

Recently, there has been numerous “technical” difficulties seen with users that have excess Nursery Barns (that is, more than one Nursery Barn), and Zynga has chosen to address this by removing all excess Nursery Barns from users that had them. All of the animals that were in the second Nursery Barns have been placed in affected users’ gift boxes, and all users that were affected by this removal have been granted 100 free Farm Cash in compensation for the trouble. Unfortunately, if you were in possession of more than two Nursery Barns, any animals in the third barn and beyond are now lost to you.

Zynga says that they had every intention of allowing users to have two Nursery Barns, but due to these technical difficulties, they chose to revert back to the one-barn-per-user system that was originally intended when the feature launched. Excess barns will be removed over time, so if you have a third (or fourth…) Nursery Barn, hurry and remove the animals from them before they are lost to you.

In terms of coming attractions, Lexi let us in on the fact that in the future, our avatars will be customizable, with an entire store being available within which to purchase new clothing and accessory items (costumes) to customize the look of our avatars to something more unique.

In addition, the upcoming Halloween season will be bringing two exciting new features to the game as well. The first is a buildable Haunted House, while the other is a “Halloween Candy Holiday Basket” that users will be able to fill with candy and then redeem for special prizes. Some extra Halloween surprises may be coming our way next month as well.

Finally, a very brief hint was given to the addition of a new farmer in FarmVille, that will allow users to visit and earn one special new consumable and one new decoration.

If you missed the podcast, here it is in its entirety.

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  • woodworking project plans

    There has been numerous “technical” difficulties seen with users that have excess Nursery Barns.

  • woodworking project plans

    There has been numerous “technical” difficulties seen with users that have excess Nursery Barns.

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