FarmVille Podcast Confirms Pig Pens, Slop, & Truffle Hunting Features

Sun, Aug 22, 2010

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The latest edition of the FarmVille podcast gave us an in-depth rundown concerning some of the more technical aspects of the game’s new Storage Cellar, on top of giving us a brief look at some new features that will be coming to the game in the future, including news about pig pens and truffle hunting.

For the Storage Cellar, Lexilicious confirmed that while the new Storage Cellar can be expanded to hold 500 items, that the overall total of storage spaces for all users has been given a new maximum cap of 500 items. That is, if you already have 200 items stored in traditional sheds and barns on your farm, you’ll only be able to hold 300 items in the Storage Cellar, even if you upgrade the cellar to its limit of 500 spaces.

You can “move” all of your items in the sheds and barns into the Storage Cellar (to save space above ground) by simply deleting the barns and sheds that you currently own. However, unless the Storage Cellar has enough empty spaces to hold the items that fit inside each individual shed or barn, you won’t be able to delete those buildings.

In terms of upcoming features, we’ve been given a confirmation that pig pens will indeed be coming to the game in the “very near future.” These pig pens will be released in two separate phases, the first of which is a construction project, much like the construction projects seen when building the Horse Stable and Nursery Barn.

This first phase will simply see you building the pig pen which will then store (in theory) all of the pigs you have loose on your farm, depending on the numerical limit. The second phase of the feature will introduce something called “Truffle Hunting,” that will allow you trade in truffles for new items.

These truffles can be earned by feeding your pigs slop, with slop being created by bushels, giving that feature yet another purpose. Once you feed them slop, your pigs will “hunt” for truffles on your neighbors’ farms. These truffles can then be traded in for new items, including new kinds of pigs.

Finally, Lexi announced that Zynga will be holding another charity event for the people of Haiti, that will allow users to participate in the campaign without necessarily having to spend Farm Cash. As usual, the efforts therein will go to Zynga’s fund that works to build schools for the children of Haiti.

If you missed the podcast, which also contains a recap of last week’s events, here it is in full for your listening pleasure.

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