FarmVille News Round Up: Mystery Game, Fan Sheep, New Swiss Flag, Decorations and Crops

Thu, Jul 15, 2010

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A lot has happened in the world of FarmVille since we last spoke. In this installment of the FarmVille News Round-Up, we’ll bring you details concerning the all new Mystery Game (think Mystery Box, but better), the release of the Fan Sheep, a new Swiss Flag, along with limited edition Swiss themed animals, buildings, decorations and even some crops! Without further ado, let’s get right into this week’s updates.

Try Your Luck at the FarmVille Mystery Game

Instead of purchasing another Mystery Box in the hopes of receiving a good item, why not play the new Mystery Game, available in the store for the next 6 days (as of this writing) and make sure you’re playing for the item you want? The Mystery Game will see you popping balloons in a new mini-game, at 20 Farm Cash a try, and if you can pop them all, you’ll win the item you want.

Items that have been confirmed to be available are the Black Stallion, White Lion Cub, White Kangaroo, White Deer, White Porcupine and White Squirrel. Pay special attention to the fact that Black Stallion is being given out through this game, as, at the time of this writing, you can receive it in no other way.

The Fan Sheep Has Arrived

Earlier in the week, we told you that the Fan Sheep had finally reached the 2 million fan mark on their Facebook fan page. However, unlike the previously announced price point of 12 Farm Cash, the Sheep has instead hit the market for the jaw-dropping price of 300,000 coins. It can be harvested every three days.

Regardless of the high price point, this is cheaper than having to shell out some premium currency (that is, “real money”) in order to purchase the sheep, so be sure to grab one for your farm to go along with the Fan Cow many of your probably purchased – do it fast, as the Sheep will only be available for the next 20 days.

Show Off Your Swiss Heritage With New Swiss Flag

While the current limited edition item theme is based on Switzerland, a new addition has hit the Flags section of the game’s store that isn’t limited at all. As you might have guessed, the flag is the Swiss Flag, and it is priced at the same point as all of the other currently available flags – 16 Farm Cash.

Of course, the Swiss item theme had to have had an impact on the release of this flag, but at least there’s no rush to purchase it, as it appears to be a permanent addition to the flags section. The word permanent, however, doesn’t apply to our next section…

Grow New Swiss Seeds; Purchase New Animals, Buildings and Decorations Before They’re Gone!

Zynga has announced that the final items in the Swiss theme have been released, and there are plenty to go around, starting with two new seeds. You can now grow either Sugar Beets or Rappi on your farm. The Sugar Beets are purchased for 65 coins per square and grow for 12 hours, at which point you can harvest the crop for 140 coins per square. You’ll earn 1 experience point for each square of the Sugar Beets that you plant.

The other new crop, the Rappi, can be grown for 140 coins per square. After growing for a full day, you’ll be able to harvest the crop for 300 coins per square. As you plant the Rappi, you’ll gain 2 experience points for each square planted.

Meanwhile, on the Animals tab of the marketplace, you’ll find a new Ibex, which is available to purchase for 16 Farm Cash. The Ibex can be harvested every 2 days.

Moving on to the Buildings tab, we see the release of two new buildings, the Swiss Manor and Large Chalet. The Swiss Manor is a premium item, costing 50 Farm Cash, while the Large Chalet will set you back 350,000 coins. If you choose to make the splurge, you’ll receive 3,500 experience points as a bonus.

Finally, on the Decorations tab, we see four new items. The Swiss Lake and Swiss Alphorn are premium items, setting you back 42 and 20 Farm Cash, respectively, while the Matterhorn and a Milk Jug Cart are available for coins, at prices of 100,000 and 12,000 coins each, also respectively. As usual, with such a large coin purchase, you’ll receive a lot of experience points in return – in this case, you’ll receive 1,000.

And there you have it – loads of new items for you to purchase in the game. Make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase any or all of them, and let us know what you think of these items in the comments below!

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