FarmVille iPhone App Update 1.03

Sun, Aug 1, 2010

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The FarmVille iPhone App has received several updates since its release, and each have all had great significance overall whether it’s performance issues or support for iOS4 multitasking. Today, there is a new update awaiting the app, version 1.03 with some major fixes and additions.

The update has added Social Mission and Collectible Notifications which means that you will receive a pop-up notice when you have picked up certain collectible items (like Buttons, Gemstones and the originally released set of collectibles including cultivators) and you can now also fertilize and feed chickens at your friends’ farm. Crop Mastery and Bushel notifications were also added, so you can tell just when your crops have been mastered and when you have bushels added to your Farmer’s Market.

Neighbor Requests and Gift Notifications have also been fixed because you can now see who sent these requests, and not just accept them blindly without knowing who sent them. Are you a music lover? Now you can also continue listening to tracks from the iPod without interruption.

The Biplane is now also available to use in the app so your crops can be harvested instantly. You’ll still have to use Farm Cash to use it however. Other than these bullet point features, there were numerous fixes in this update as well:

- Fix to update badge counters on application icon (OS4 users)
- Fix for assets not loading
- Fix for loading problems caused by bad network connections
- Fix display issue for Market Stalls

If you’d like to check out these new updates in the app, either update the app or download it from the App Store. All of these updates are excellent improvements and one more step towards platform parity between the web and iPhone editions.

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  • Mrs E

    I'm having problems with the iPhone app not correctly displaying the crops I have mastered or the correct mastery levels within the market. Unfortunately this has led to alot of wasted time and it's very disappointing. Any news on this feature being fixed in upcoming releases?