FarmVille Gearhead Ribbon, Frontier Chainsaw, & More – Zynga Game Updates!

Quite a few updates have been launched in Zynga’s games so far this week, with three particular updates taking place in FarmVille, Mafia Wars and FishVille. In FarmVille, we see the addition of a vehicle-centric ribbon, while Mafia Wars (in association with FrontierVille) is offering a very unique Chainsaw to players. Finally, you can pick up a new limited edition fish in FishVille.

Earn the FarmVille Gearhead Ribbon

A new ribbon is available to earn in FarmVille, and you’ll go about earning it by participating in the new Garage feature. Make note that this limits the ribbon’s access to users who are least level 22 or above, as that is the level required to begin building your garage in the first place.

The ribbon is the Gearhead ribbon, and it’s earned for upgrading your vehicles in the game. You’ll earn the first step of the Ribbon, the Yellow Ribbon, after updating two vehicles. From there, you’ll need to upgrade more and more vehicles to earn the White, Red and Blue ribbons, along with the coins and experience points that go along with each.

If you’re a high enough level, head over to the game’s page to start earning the Gearhead ribbon.

Play FrontierVille to Unlock Mafia Wars Chainsaw

Along with a new promotion in FrontierVille allowing you to earn Sharp Axes by playing Mafia Wars, a reverse situation is also true. For those users who want to earn a special weapon in Mafia Wars, all you have to do is play FrontierVille.

To be more specific, the Frontier Chainsaw is now available to Mafia Wars players who gain two levels in FrontierVille. Unlike the Sharp Axe promotion, this will be much harder to accomplish, as levels in FrontierVille take much longer to earn than levels in Mafia Wars (that is, unless you have just begun to play FrontierVille, as the first few levels come quite rapidly).

That being the case, make sure to start playing FrontierVille soon to earn the Frontier Chainsaw as quick as possible.

New FishVille Fish: Sawtail Grouper

A new limited edition fish has been spotted swimming in FishVille’s waters. The fish doesn’t match the current Bayou theme of items, but it interesting nonetheless.

The Sawtail Grouper is available for 12 Sand Dollars, and grows to adulthood after three days, if fed properly throughout those three days. You’ll be able to sell the fish for 4,800 coins, and will gain 1,200 experience points in the process of purchasing and selling it.

The Sawtail Grouper will be available for just the next few days, so be sure to head over to the game’s page in time to purchase it, should it interest you.

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