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Wed, Nov 18, 2009

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020909121934gameBig_farmvilleSeems everytime I think it’d be make my experience better to have something new in FarmVille, Zynga is two steps ahead…

Earlier this week they introduced new notifications to let farmers know which neighbors were thoughtful enough to fertilize their crops. Cool – especially if you can work out a mutually beneficial back-scratching schedule for friendly fertilization.

FarmVille’s fertilizer limits – how often you can fertilize a friend’s land – could use a bit more transparency, but no doubt Zynga is already working on that too – what with all the new fertilizer fiends they must be expecting!

Frisky FV Premium chicken eggs

Speaking of friendly neighbors – I’ve also noticed a new chicken coop craze in FarmVille, receiving an unusally high number of cluckers this past week. Thankfully I was also gifted a fancy new chicken coop, so collecting eggs is easy. Investigating the coop craze, however takes a bit more time.

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