FarmVille Fan Cow Now Available in the Store

Wed, Apr 21, 2010

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The Battle of the Barnyard has come to a bit of a conclusion in FarmVille, as the winning side, the Cows, have seen the release of their new animal in the game’s store.

As promised on the FarmVille Cows fan page, after reaching the 2 million fan mark, the Fan Cow has now been made available for 12 Farm Cash. If you’d like to hold out on purchasing the cow, feel free, as the more fans the FarmVille Cow page gets on Facebook, the cheaper the cow will become.

At the time of this writing, 2.5 million people have joined the Cow’s page, and at 3,000,000 Zynga promises that the cow will be changed to being available for 50,000 coins. At 6 million fans, the cow will drop to 10,000 coins, and at a whopping 11 million fans, the cow will be a mere 5,000 coins, and all fans will receive one for free.

If you’ve yet to become a fan of the FarmVille Cows, head over to the bovines’ Facebook page and join the cause.

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