FarmVille Easter Eggs and Baskets: Go on a Hunt for Pastel-Colored Goodness

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

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We broke the news late last night that another holiday celebration has begun in FarmVille, and this morning, after spending a night with the event, we’re happy to say that while, yes, this Easter Egg (sorry, Spring Egg) event is incredibly similar to the Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day events, there are some (very appreciated) alterations in place here.

To start, you’ll need to place your free Spring Basket somewhere on your farm (for reference, Zynga has replaced the word “Easter” with “Spring” in most respects of this event – we shall attempt to do the same). The Spring Basket has been given to all players, and you can find it awaiting your arrival in your gift box.

The Spring Basket functions just as the Pot of Gold did, for those who were with us for the St. Patrick’s Day event earlier this month. It will hold all of your accumulated Spring Eggs, and serve as a place to ask for more Eggs, and as your Egg redemption center, allowing you to trade in Eggs for some Spring-themed decorations and animals.

At the time of this writing, we know of four of the prizes thus far. The first is awarded at 10 Eggs, and it comes in the form of a Mystery Egg, which Zynga claims will contain “all sorts of fun and usable items to help around your farm.” This apparently includes Farmhands and Fuel, among other items. The second prize is a Sunny Ewe, which can be purchased for 20 Eggs, the third item is a Bunny Gnome, which you can receive by redeeming 30 Eggs, and the fourth item (of the six) is a Gilded Egg that can be received by trading in 40 Eggs. The final two gifts are still unknown to us, but they will be earned at the 75 and 150 Egg milestones. UPDATE: The 75 Egg item is a Flower Fountain.

But how do you earn these eggs in the first place? As usual, there are quite a few ways. The first way is also the simplest. Head over to the game’s free gifts page, and you can send one of five pretty patterned Spring Eggs to your FarmVille friends. Once received, they can click to send the gift back, if they choose.

Second, you can add a Spring Egg to your wishlist by going to your gift box, clicking on “Make a Wish” and choosing which of the five Eggs you would like to post a request for on your news feed. This of course requires interaction from your friends, who would need to send you the Egg as they would any other free gift.

A third way to earn Eggs is through the reverse gift giving process found in other holiday events. Like we’ve seen in the past, by looking inside your Spring Basket, you can click on the “Ask for Eggs” button in the top left corner of the pop-up menu, and follow the instructions to send out requests for Eggs from friends of your choosing. You pick these friends in the same way that you would send out a gift under normal circumstances, but here, they’ll instead receive a plea for help allowing them to click on a “Send Eggs” button, rather than an “Accept Gift” button.

If they agree to send you an Egg, they’re taken to a page where they can choose from the five available Eggs based on the gift they’d like to receive in return. This is where two of the differences found in this event come into play. First, one of the five choices is now an Egg for an Egg. That is, unlike the Pot of Gold event, for example, where all five items were unassociated with the event, there is now an Egg for an Egg option for Spring, allowing you to send the Egg your friend has requested and receive your own Egg in return. For those without a lot of FarmVille neighbors, this should provide a great additional way to earn Eggs.

The second change comes immediately after making your choice. In other events, after you clicked on the “Send” button, you were taken to the game’s launch page (where the flash window began to load). Now, you’re taken to another static page, where you can immediately head back to your Facebook gift requests page to send another Egg, or you can click on the “Ask for Eggs” button to ask for your own Eggs without having to load the game. It’s a simple change, but it’s definitely more convenient this time around, as well as a time-saver for those with a large group of very active neighbors.

Another time-saver comes in the form of a gift box tweak that causes your gift box to remain open after each Egg is placed in the Spring Basket, so that you don’t have to continually click on your gift box to open it and add each Egg.

As you begin to accumulate Eggs, your Spring Basket will change in appearance and in its description, going from Empty (both visually, and in name) to levels like “Budding,” “Burgeoning,” and so on, while the Basket on your farm begins to fill with pretty Eggs. Your ranking amongst your friends can still be found by clicking on the Comparison tab in the Spring Basket’s menu, and you can track your Basket’s growth by looking at the meter on the left side of the menu that will fill (all the way to the top tier of 150) as you collect Eggs.

As you reach certain egg milestones (say, you’ve accumulated 10 or 25 Eggs), you’ll be able to post alerts to your news feed allowing friends to earn Eggs of their own to celebrate.

Additionally, one entirely new way to earn eggs is found in this Easter-themed event, and it comes in the form of an Egg hunt. Now, when you fertilize your neighbors’ crops, you have a chance of finding Spring Eggs hidden in the field. Not only do you have a chance to earn multiple eggs (say, three at a time) in one go, but you can also post your discovery to your news feed, allowing other users to receive an egg as well.

With so many ways (both new and old) to earn Eggs in this Spring Egg event, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your news feed to not miss out on a single Egg opportunity. Be sure to head over to the game’s page to place your own Spring Basket onto your farm, and start the hunt for your own Eggs today!

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  • Kate Hancock

    Wahoo! My favorite part of all of this is the fact that you can send gifts without having to go straight into the game. And the Mystery Eggs are pretty sweet too – I've already gotten 100 free XP and I hear there are Farm Hands and Arborists in some of them too.

    And Brandy got a really cool trick in one of her Mystery Eggs – the Double Avatar… I may buy a few of these yellow sheep with my Spring Eggs but I think sticking to the Mystery Eggs is the most lucrative option.

    Anyway, the last item (150 Eggs) is the Dutch Windmill – pretty!

  • Carol

    The Flower Fountain is a pretty stone fountain with light pink flowers growing around it and darker pink flowers floating it in. Pretty, pretty.

  • dk
  • jamieleigh91

    i deleted my basket by accident.
    could someone tell me how I can get it back xx

  • Grayersmommy

    You cant.. Im sorry.. You can just buy a new one for a coin. I hope you didnt lose to many eggs :(

  • jamieleigh91

    where do i buy a new one, because it isnt coming up in my market? no i dint loose any eggs. i delted it before that

  • Brandy Shaul

    Traditionally, you can purchase replacement “mailbox” items like the Spring Basket from the Decorations tab of the marketplace for one coin. Hope that helps!

  • bobmacho

    its accualy the buildings tab

  • Brandy Shaul

    Yes, the basket is available in the buildings tab; however, there were quite a few days when it wasn't available in the store at all (some sort of oversight, I guess?), so we were all guessing at the time. :-)

    Sorry for any confusion.

  • carlos

    i had all these easter egg with no idea wath are they for can't get no more gift because i had no more space what exactly i do with all these easter eggs before i might make the mistake and delete them all

  • gusnpip95

    I accidentally deleted all of my easter,/spring eggs, is there a way to get them back?
    I had 178 eggs in the basket, was getting ready to buy a few things and somehow I hit delete, anything I can do to get them back?

  • Kathleen Buckley

    Started game recently and no basket was given in gift box. What do I do with all the eggs I've collected?

  • Brandy Shaul

    Unfortunately, this event was a time-sensitive one, and while (as of right now), you can still give eggs to your friends in order to help their egg count, this is done under the assumption that you already have a basket, which was given out for a limited amount of time. Unfortunately, you've just been the victim of some poor timing. :-(

  • Namping

    My friend and I are new to the game..We have plenty eggs but no basket….Where did we find the basket…..Its not in our gift box???

  • Kate Hancock

    Unfortunately, as Brandy mentioned, this event was a time-sensitive one, and
    while (as of right now), you can still give eggs to your friends in order to
    help their egg count, this is done under the assumption that you already
    have a basket, which was given out for a limited amount of time.
    Unfortunately, you've just been the victim of some poor timing. :-(