FarmVille Dog Clues and New PetVille Challenges: Sherlock Pet & Animal Rescuer

Tue, Mar 16, 2010

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New PetVille challenge alert! Perfect for all you FarmVille fans out there, Zynga has added a crafty new cross-promotional challenge called “Sherlock Pet”.

Sherlock Pet – Find the 3 FarmVille Pet clues scattered in your and your neighbors’ rooms to unlock a special PetVille farm-themed gift! Click on the clue laying on the floor of your room. Then visit your neighbors to search for another clue. Come back home and find the last clue. Click to collect all 3 and meet this challenge!

Spoiler Alert: The first clue hints at the much-discussed, upcoming addition of pets (dogs) to Zynga’s Facebook farming game, FarmVille. Apparently, FarmVille players will soon be able to own Border Collies.
The second clue says FarmVille players will get Golden Retrievers!
And last, but certainly not least, the third and final clue says FarmVille players will ALSO get English Sheepdogs.
Once you find the third clue, you’ve completed the Sherlock Pet challenge. Wasn’t that fun? Here’s your adorable mini prize:
Speaking of animals, there’s another new PetVille challenge (if you haven’t already completed it), called “Animal Rescuer”.

Animal Rescuer! – An animal has been delivered to you. Free it! Click to find out how to open the special delivery package that was delivered to your home! Click on the moving package that has been delivered to your pet (via PetEx). Click “Email me the combination”. In a few minutes, you will receive an email containing your combination. It may take up to 2 hours to receive your email. Click on the link in your email to open the cage and complete the challenge.
Here’s what Zynga said about the new challenges on the PetVille forum:

There are two new challenges available now!

To earn the “Animal Rescuer” challenge, you will need to free the bird that is trapped inside of the cage in your room! If you have already freed the bird, the first time you log on to PetVille you will automatically complete this challenge!

The second challenge is “Sherlock Pet.” Look for clues as you play PetVille which will give you a first look at an upcoming feature in FarmVille, dogs! When you find all three clues, you’ll get a special little prize to decorate your home, a mini puppy!

Well, there you have it PetVille players and FarmVille pet speculators – that’s what we know so far. Has your pet uncovered any more details about the soon-to-be FarmVille animal arrivals? Let us know!

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  • Christy

    How do we get the DOG over to our Farmville if we can? I mean the dog is a Farmville animal prize anyway? right?

  • Kate Hancock

    Thanks for the comment, Christy, and good question! The dogs haven't been
    released in FarmVille just yet – soon they say… The prize for collecting
    all 3 FarmVille dog clues in PetVille is a mini dog, but it's in PetVille
    not FarmVille. We have our eyes peeled and will definitely let you know as
    soon as FarmVille lets the dogs out :)

  • farmville tips

    Great stuff. I really like your writing style.

  • Kate Hancock

    Thank you for the kind compliment, and for reading – rock on!

  • mitchdcba

    this has gotten my interest… i am really hoping if i could read more post… i love anything about the farmville…
    farmville secrets