FarmVille Crafting Cottages Preview Now Live in Game

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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The latest FarmVille podcast revealed that players of the massively popular farm simulation game would be able to take part in a Crafting Cottages preview, in order to better understand what the Cottages would bring to the game when they are launched in the future.

While we’ve confirmed that not all users have received this preview as of this writing, we’re guessing that with such a large event as this, it will only be a matter of time before it rolls out to all users. That being said, here’s what to expect when the preview arrives on your farm.

First, you’ll be met with a very large pop-up, inviting you to choose between three Crafting Cottages: the Bakery, Winery and Spa.

From within the pop-up, you’ll be able to click on the “Learn More” button to see information about each individual Cottage, and learn which types of bushels will create which crafts, with crafts being used to Super Charge our farmers in ways that haven’t been officially announced. Here’s what you’ll find under all three:

The Spa

The Winery

The Bakery

To complete your participation in this preview, you’ll need to choose which one of the three Cottages you like best, and you will receive a matching limited edition Gnome, for free, after making your decision.

You’ll be able to post your decision to your wall as a news item, allowing your friends a chance at claiming a gnome for themselves. In this way, even though we have to choose a single Cottage, we can still wind up with gnomes representing all three buildings, so long as we have FarmVille neighbors that decide to choose the ones we don’t.

Make sure to keep checking back at the game’s page to see if the Crafting Cottages preview has gone live in your game, and let us know which of the three you chose in the comments!

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