FarmVille Cows Vs FarmVille Sheep – Who Will Win? You Decide!

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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Ding ding ding! *cue boxing announcer* Ladies and gentlemen, today are going to be made witness to an epic barnyard battle – one for the ages – that will decide once and for all just which FarmVille animal truly reigns supreme!

In one corner, the humble cow. Ever ready – the body and soul of the dairy industry – cows are absolutely necessary in the world economy.

In the other corner, the sheep, providers of wool, and an incredibly important farm animal in their own right.

Who will win!? Which animal will stand atop the broken shell of its competitor, to be forever known as the best FarmVille animal?! The choice… is yours!

*end dramatic voiceover*

Ahem, sorry about that. To be more clear about what’s going on here, let’s take a look at the Animals tab of the FarmVille marketplace. As we can see from the screenshot below, two secret animals, a Secret Cow and a Secret Sheep, now find a home on the page. However, both animals are locked, and they are accompanied by conveniently placed “Become a Fan” links.

Clicking on either one will ask for confirmation that you’d like to become a Facebook fan of the animal in question, and you’ll click on the “Fan” button to be taken to the animal’s new fan page proper. Don’t worry, simply loading the new window for the fan page doesn’t automatically sign you up for their ranks, so if you’d like to click on both just to view each fan page in more detail, feel free to do so.

Like any good campaign, both sides will try and persuade you into voting for their cause, but ultimately, the choice is yours. This promotion will run until one of the two fan pages reaches 2 million fans (at the time of this writing, they’re both closing in on 40,000), and at that time, Zynga will unlock the winning animal in the game’s store for 12 Farm Cash.

Each fan page has the complete rundown of how the winning item will change over time. The more individuals that become a fan of the winning animal the better, as the price will be reduced dramatically, all the way to the point of free, as seen in the list below:

  • 2 Million fans: New animal for 12 Farm Cash
  • 3 Million fans: New animal for 50,000 Coin
  • 6 Million fans: New animal for 10,000 Coin
  • 11 Million fans: New animal for 5,000 Coin and every fan gets one free!

What are you waiting for? Make your voice heard in this barnyard showdown by voting for either the FarmVille Cows or the FarmVille Sheep (links are to the fan pages, for your convenience).

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