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Fri, Sep 17, 2010

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If you’re an active FarmVille player, it’s likely that you’re knee deep in Nursery Barn gift requests, as you work to expand your Nursery Barn to hold more baby animals, and work to help your friends do the same to theirs.

With each FarmVille player only having access to two of the five items needed to build/expand the Nursery Barn via the game’s free gifts page, it can be hard to track down particular ingredients without waiting for hours for your friends to get off work, come home from school, or otherwise find time to log onto Facebook to help you out.

This is where our latest set of cheats come in, as we have the quick links necessary to send your friends any ingredient of the five that you choose, whether that be a Wooden Board, Nail, Brick, Blanket or Bottle. And while helping friends claim specific ingredients is always nice, remember that you can just as easily pass these quick links on to friends, to have them quickly and easily send you the ingredient of your choice, whether they normally have access to it on their free gifts page or not.

All you have to do is click on the image for the item you’d like to send your friend, and you’ll be instantly taken to Facebook to send that item to as many of your FarmVille neighbors as you’d like, provided you haven’t already sent them a gift, and you still have gift requests available to send (remember, they are limited to 50 per day).

Now that you have these links, completing the Nursery Barn expansion should be easier than ever! Click on an image below to get started!

Wooden Board





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