FarmVille Celebrates the Southwest With New Item Theme

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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It seems that Zynga really likes picking item themes based on geographical areas. We’ve had themes representing Asia, California, Yellowstone, Paris and more, and now, we’ve seen a completely new theme being released, dedicated to the Southwest.

So far, items in the Southwest item theme are available from four tabs in the game’s marketplace: Animals, Buildings, Decorations and even Upgrade Farm.

There is only one animal available thus far, and it comes in the form of a Jackrabbit. The Jackrabbit can be purchased for 12 Farm Cash. It is an animal that can be harvested from, at a rate of once every two days.

Next, on the Buildings tab, you can pick up one of three different buildings: an Adobe Farmhouse, Adobe Barn and Adobe Shed. The Farmhouse is a purely decorative building, setting you back 34 Farm Cash, while the Barn and Shed are functional, item storage buildings. The Adobe Barn is available for 28 Farm Cash, and it has a starting item capacity of 22 items, while the Shed is available for 24 Farm Cash, and it holds 15 items.

Moving on to the Decorations tab, we see four new items that are available to purchase. Two cacti, a Saguaro Cactus and a Barrel Cactus will set you back 3 and 2 Farm Cash each, respectively, while two types of adobe fencing will allow you to add a stylish barrier to your new Southwestern themed area. Both the regular Adobe Wall and the Adobe Ladder cost 900 coins per square of fencing placed.

Finally, on the Upgrade Farm tab we find a truly interesting addition to the game. Just as the Snow Blanket (which was released last winter) allowed users to turn the grass on their land to snow, now, we can transform it into a Desert Plain. Doing such costs just 1,000 coins, and you can switch back and forth between the three options (desert, snow, and grass) at will, whenever you’d like to shell out the 1,000 coins to do so.

While the Desert Plain has no expiration date, the rest of the Southwestern items have a time limit of 30 days. It’s conceivable that many more items will be released in the theme, given that it has such a long time limit – we’ll be sure to let you know if and when that happens.

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