FarmVille Celebrates Earth Day with New Items

Wed, Apr 21, 2010

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As we told you earlier in the week, the latest FarmVille podcast announced the eventual arrival of a limited edition item set based on Earth Day. With Earth Day being April 22, we knew that the set would be arriving sooner, rather than later, and sure enough, the theme has started to appear in the game’s store.

Most of the themes items (thus far) can be found on the Decorations tab of the marketplace. There, you’ll find five new decorations (in addition to a new Mystery Box, priced at the usual 16 Farm Cash). Interestingly, only two of the five are offered for Farm Cash, giving coins-only shoppers more items to choose from. The two Farm Cash items are the “Our World” statue, which is available for 14 Farm Cash and a Moss Stone, available for a single Farm Cash.

Meanwhile, the three coins-only items come in the form of a Mini Stonehedge, a Giant Maracija plant, and an Earth Day Flag. The items will set you back 10,000, 4,400 and 2,010 coins, respectively.

Animal lovers will want to check out the Animals tab to find two new options, a Kangaroo and an Emporer Penguin. Both animals can be harvested from every two days, with the Kangaroo being available for 18 Farm Cash to the Penguin’s 14.

Lastly, over on the Seeds tab of the marketplace, you’ll find a new limited edition crop in the form of Forbidden Rice. For the next 11 days, you’ll be able to plant this rice for 300 coins per square. After a growing time of 8 hours, you can harvest the rice for 400 coins per square.

Make sure to keep an eye on the time limits for these items as you make your way through the game’s store – while the decorations will be available for the better part of two weeks, you’ve only got 11 days to pick up the animals or plant the seeds. Head over to the game’s page to get started.

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