FarmVillain – Inspired by FarmVille, for Both Fans and Haters Alike

Tue, May 18, 2010

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If you know someone who doesn’t care for FarmVille, or the very concept of social games, JOLT Online and Silly Goose have developed a new Facebook app that just might change their minds. FarmVillain is inspired heavily by the activities one can participate in, in FarmVille (raising chickens and cows, growing crops, buying tractors, etc.) but rather than providing a flash window full of farming goodness, instead, we see an ever-expanding list of pre-generated wall posts that contain more sarcasm and humor than anything else.

To be especially clear, FarmVillain isn’t so much a game as it is a way to post clever news stories to you wall for the amusement of your friends. These are messages that are meant to be taken lightheartedly, although we can see the diehard FarmVille addicts, or those who are offended by more, how shall we say, “adult” topics, potentially being offended by them. In fact, about half of the messages available contain content that probably wouldn’t be appropriate to post here as examples.

However, aside from these images (which will still probably amuse more than annoy most users), you can find some truly humorous offerings, with some relating to popular culture – “There has been an outbreak of gremlins on your farm,” or “You can now breed Wookies on your farm” as such examples.

After scrolling through all of the available options (the above Gremlin example being the most recently added), you can post it to your own wall for your friends to see, or you can type a friend’s name into the app’s search bar to post it directly to a friend’s wall.

FarmVillain has been around since March, and the latest AppData figures have it sitting fairly steady at around 425,000 users. If you’re like me, and appreciate the sarcasm found here, you’re probably pretty bummed that this isn’t an actual game. Fear not, dear Reader, as the game’s official blog confirmed last week that FarmVillain will one day be made into a game.

For now, if you want to join in on the fun, head over to the application’s page on Facebook to do so.

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