Farming is Made Easier With Country Story Tweaks

Tue, Apr 20, 2010

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Apparently, the recent changes put into place in the Country Story interface haven’t been enough to please Playfish, as they have announced a second round of gameplay changes via the Country Story fan page. Before you become defensive, however, know that these changes are for the best, allowing for you to save time when completing tasks, among other conveniences.

First and foremost, you’ll now be able to queue tasks for your avatar to complete. What this means is, instead of clicking on a single square and waiting for your avatar to interact with it before being able to click on another square, you can now click on as many squares as you like and watch a small icon appear over them letting you know that they are queued for activity. To put it simply, you can now click on every square on your farm and then sit back and watch as your avatar completes the tasks, or, move onto another game while he/she works in the background.

Another change comes with moving around your farm. Instead of clicking in the direction you’d like your avatar to walk, you can now click and drag anywhere on the environment to change your perspective. It’s a small change, but definitely an appreciated one, as you are now less connected to your avatar, meaning that, again, you don’t have to wait for him/her to catch up to your mouse to navigate around your farm.

Also, the game’s shop has been completely overhauled. Now, instead of appearing at the bottom of the gameplay area, with incredibly small item pictures, you’ll now receive a pop-up window, allowing you to browse through the various items in more detail before deciding to spend your hard earned coins on them.

Head over to the game’s page to see these changes in action, and feel free to share your thoughts on them in the comments below – do you like the changes that have been made, or do you think Playfish should have left well enough alone?

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