Farm Cash Giveaway, Coastal Hideaway and FarmVille Honeybees!

Fri, Aug 6, 2010

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While not a massive update, a few item additions have been made to FarmVille, along with a technical tweak concerning the system of Honeybees. The new items go along with the New England theme currently available in the store, and are found on the Buildings and Decorations tabs only.

New Limited Edition Items Now Available

The new buildings are the Coastal Mansion and the Coastal Hideaway. The Mansion can be purchased for 42 Farm Cash, while the Coastal Hideaway can be added to your farm for 350,000 coins. You’ll receive a 3,500 experience point boost for making the splurge on the Hideaway.

Meanwhile, on the Decorations tab, you’ll find five new items. The first is the Goldfinch Birds, a trio of goldfinches perched atop a tree branch, available for 14 Farm Cash. The other four items are coin items, and come in the form of a Coastal Picnic for 70,000 coins, Cliff II for 60,000, a Hydrangea bush for 10,000 and a Cord of Wood for 2,000 coins.

These items will be available for the next 10 days. Head over to the game’s page to start shopping.

FarmVille Missing Bees Have Returned

In addition to these new items, Zynga has announced that they have fixed the missing/disappearing Honeybee issue. That is, if you had noticed your hive decrease in population over the past week or so, you were the victim of a glitch felt far and wide throughout the game. Now, though, the Zynga beekeeper has done his/her job, and the bees have come home, hopefully for good.

Interestingly enough, it also seems that some users received bonus bees as a result of this technical fix – bees that they never had to begin with now suddenly reside in their Beehive. Were you one of the lucky ones that were affected in such a way?

Free Farm Cash Giveaway

We’ve got a new Farm Cash giveaway for Frisky Farmers! If you’d like to win some free Farm Cash (in the form of a $10 FarmVille Game Card), all you have to do is enter our easy Twitter contest!

First, make sure you’re following our official Twitter account, @friskymongoose.

Next, click on this link to retweet this message to your followers:

I just entered to win a $10 FarmVille Game Card @FriskyMongoose – RT to enter!

Again, to enter, all you have to do is follow @friskymongoose and click on THIS LINK to automatically retweet a message, or copy and paste the above into Twitter yourself!

See? It’s simple and easy to win, so what are you waiting for?! With so many new premium items released in FarmVille on a weekly basis, we’re sure you can put the free Farm Cash to good use.

We’ll announce the winner of the card on Monday, so make sure to get your tweet out in time!

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