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Thu, May 6, 2010

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Welcome to Fantasy University, a world so filled with puns, pop-culture references, humorous enemies and one-liners that your head will spin – it’s a good thing too, since that’s exactly what TriplePoint client Simutronics wants you to experience.

The game allows you to enroll in Fantasy University as a bright eyed and dewy newbie with no information whatsoever on what to expect (at least from your character’s perspective). Upon login, players er, “new students” are greeted by Professor Lackpants, the High-Registrar for Fantasy University.

After the usual username and avatar creation, Lackpants asks “What is your intended area of study in the hallowed halls of F.U.?” Choices include Cheermonger, Dodgebrawler, Emomancer, Mathemagician, and Slackninja. Each has its own abilities and strengths. The Dodgbrawler, for instance, is a great melee fighter, while the Mathemagician dispatches enemies using their summoned raw power. After you make your choice, your avatar is dressed accordingly.

Avatar customization is as silly as selecting your major – I chose the “Skippy Strongskivvies” hairstyle, “Hopeless Perk” facial expression, and “Soap on a Rope” weapon. Awesome.

From there, you’ll jump into gameplay proper, and meet with Captain Arr who asks you to clear his ship of Pierats (rats baked into pies, what else?) before you can move onto the University proper. Doing so will introduce you to the basics of combat, where you can hover over the posted abilities to see what they do, and simply click on them to use them.

You’ll only be able to use attacks that you have enough Ability Power to perform. Ability Power, along with Experience and Health are presented as bars along the left-hand-side of the gameplay screen. An additional figure comes in the form of Adventure Points, with these points being necessary to travel to new areas – they are replenished over time.

When you click on an attack, both you and your opponent attack before you’re taken to the updated combat page where you can check on both your stats and those of your opponents before attacking again. After battles, some of your stats (like Beefosity, Zip, Loathing and so on – more commonly referred to as Strength, Dexterity, and Willpower) will increase, you’ll earn experience points, and have a chance to earn random items.

Completing quests is like earning report cards, which is in keeping with the university theme. Once you get to the University proper, you’ll be assigned a Dorm Room and can begin interacting with the local population, completing more quests and building relationships with the game’s slew of scripted characters.

There’s a lot of reading involved, as the game harkens back to the text adventure days, which is definitely a different take on the traditional Facebook game. It’s also a very in-depth title, offering the ability to not only carry on through traditional RPG elements, but also own pets and bring them into battle, customize your weapons or upgrade them with crystals and so on – more features than would be practical to list here.

Fantasy University is currently in an Alpha State, which means that while it’s not readily available for public consumption, players interested in getting a first look at the game should sign up on the Facebook fan page. See you there!

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    It looks like a Kingdom of Loathing ripoff. But maybe more “cute.”