Fantasy University Launches in Closed Beta Today

Wed, Aug 25, 2010

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It has been a few months since we last told you about Fantasy University from Triplepoint client Simutronics. Since that time, which was back in May, the game has been under even further heavy development and is now ready to move into beta phase.

While this means the project seems to be moving along rather nicely and quickly, the project is still in closed beta for now. You can apply to be in this beta via the game’s application page, but there is seemingly no guarantee that you will be accepted into it.

For those unfamiliar, Fantasy University is an MMOG that looks to integrate with your social network complete with humor and pop culture references galore. You’ll come across such characters as Captain Arr (who looks strikingly similar to Captain Crunch), The Dude (of The Big Lebowski fame) and Ron Wheezy (Ron Weasley of Harry Potter, anyone?) just for example.

Gameplay is mainly text-based with you having to expend Adventure points to complete quests of the different professors around the university. Completing these quests can earn you valuable XP among other goodies. When placed in frequent combat scenarios, you must use the different powers available to you in order to defeat enemies. Certain enemies are immune to attacks, while weak to others for instance.

Customization is also a huge part of Fantasy University. When first beginning the game, you are given several options to customize your character from hair style, weapon and more. Along with being able to style your character however you like, you’ll also be able to choose their character class which chooses their unique combat style.

No official release date is known at this time for Fantasy University, but you can bet we’ll be sure to let you know precisely when it launches. Once again, if you’d like to sign up for the closed beta for a chance to get in on the action early, head over to the game’s page and click “Go To Application.”

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