Fantage Introduces eCoins Microtransaction System, Star Searchers Rejoice

Wed, Jun 23, 2010

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Good news for those who prefer pay to play when it comes to customizing your virtual avatar and abode – Fantage (one of the fastest-growing virtual playgrounds for kids, and a TriplePoint client) has a fancy new microtransaction system, as well as a new BilltoMobile payment option.

Why microtransactions? The Fantage eCoin system was created specifically because of requests from exhausted parents. Before, kids would often ask their parents to play games on their behalf, in order to earn more Stars and purchase virtual items. Fun as the games may be, eventually moms were calling Fantage to ask “Can’t we just buy Stars?” Parents themselves, the Fantage team heard these requests loud and clear, and so the eCoin system was born.

What’s all the fuss? eCoins enable all Fantage users to buy in-game virtual items that were previously available only to Premium Members. That means all users can purchase everything from costumes and hoverboards, to furniture, clothing and digital stickers, using the eCoin system.

What is Fantage? Founded in 2007, Fantage is a next-generation destination site for children. Fantage games and adventures entertain and delight children, and promote positive social interaction in an engaging, exciting, safe environment that both kids and parents love. Fantage also provides an age-appropriate, safe social networking experience within a fun virtual world.

Full details on eCoins and all payment options can be found in the press release on Vertical Wire.

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  • cherry (don't ask)

    I don't really get it im a member but all the not members get the goods but the nonmembers don't you feel sad about the nonmembers? O.o you REALLY don't?! shame on you

  • Kate Hancock

    Haha – well they can either earn more stars or buy a premium membership. Seems fair enough to me :) Thanks for reading!

  • Omg

    omg i hate ecoins i rlly rlly need a pet but u hav to buy it with the stupid ecoins i wish ecoins were never invented on fantage its rlly rlly pissing me off

  • Oceana

    im a non member in fantage
    its not fair!
    im not bothered to buy e coins
    can we just play games and earn e coins?

  • Kate Hancock

    You don't have to buy eCoins. In fact, you can get the new pets without them! I just posted a story about Pet Town earlier today:

  • n6k3a7

    Fantage is a fair site. The people who made this site are professional. They all had to learn about being fair.
    If they make the site, they make it fair. Anyways, I have been playing fantage for 2 months without premium membership. Fantage wants you to get premium membership, but those who can’t afford membership….. they buy some e-coins.
    It should seem fair enough for you…. but for me? Today I just got premium membership and I am very happy. You get 1000 stars for signing up. There is your cash!

    Also, if you are a non-member, get up to level 15 and it will ask you if you want premium membership. Just say yes, log out, log in, and there! You have membership.
    And, anything can be invented on fantage, clever people made fantage, there is no point in playing if you don’t like the ideas.
    You can always email fantage at:
    Have fun and dont cheat!

    Thank you for letting me post here! ~ n6k3a7

  • Kehermosa98

    Excuse me, but is there any way to get a free membership & free ecoins on Fantage! Please & Thank you!! (: