Fall into Hell

Fri, Sep 7, 2012

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Ah, autumn. I don’t know about you, but when I see the leaves changing to those beautiful oranges and reds, I can’t help but think of anguishing hellfire and murderous demons. My therapist says I need to start medication. Thankfully, I can indulge these thoughts in a new round of Hellgate Global events, announced today by TriplePoint client Redbana. September is going to be a month for players to indulge the horrible sin of greed, if the events are any indication:

  • Gear Up! – Tired of demons laying waste to your character? Fear not. Simply upgrade your weapons or armor to +10 or +12 within the event period, submit a mail inquiry and your precious equipment will be upgraded instantly to +11 or +13, respectively.
  • Auspicious Merchant – Listen to the call of the Auspicious Merchant as he pawns his wares for palladium or auto-dismantlers. Bargain hunters should be on alert to meet the lucky Beelphegor. Who knows? You might just get the rare item you’ve long been searching for.
  • Breached! – Green Park Station is under assault! Demons of all shapes and sizes will be randomly spawned to bring death and destruction to the area. It’s up to you and your unyielding strength to protect the base and show Hell’s armies who’s boss.
  • Above and Beyond – Want an extra bang for the premium items you’ve been purchasing? Ten players who purchase premium items will be randomly selected each week to win special prizes that will be distributed at the end of the month. The top five spenders at the end of the event will be receiving a very rare, unique prize.

Play Hellgate for free, or you can pretty much go you-know-where.

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