Fall for WonderVille, Down the Rabbit Hole from Alice and Wonderland in PetVille

Fri, Feb 26, 2010

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Hi, I’m Kate Hancock and I’m a Johnny Depp fan-girl. (“Hi Kate.“) Okay phew, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way-

You (PetVille players), have got a very important date… A limited-edition, Alice in Wonderland-inspired, “Pets in WonderVille” collection of costumes and decorations is now available in PetVille! Zynga, the game’s developer, has gone all out with premium costumes, furniture and dazzling decor to celebrate the upcoming release of an updated Alice in Wonderland blockbuster (by Tim Burton, starring one Mr. Johnny Depp and releasing March 5)! There’s something strangely fascinating about the movie’s trailer, as anyone who has ever seen a Tim Burton flick might expect.

Make your friends ooh and ahh at your colorful creativity when you fall down the rabbit hole this week. Alice costumes, Chesire Cats and everything you need for a mad tea party are waiting for you at the Premium Store! The whole limited-time collection is insanely playful, each item in its own wonderful way – oversized, exaggerated and artfully colorful. Oh, did I mention expensive?

PetVille players had better come prepared to dish out some serious PetCash for these virtual party products. The Pets in WonderVille costumes and decorations will cost you a pretty penny. Even if you don’t have a ton of PetCash, you can still buy a pile of pretty cool Alice in Wonderland items for Coins (but you’re definitely going to want some of these Premium products, promise). Remember, you can find free PetCash hiding in treasure chests at your friends’ houses in the game. So if you’re a few bucks short of something you want, try visiting some neighbors until you find enough PetCash to cash in!

We took some snapshots in our stroll through the PetVille Premium Store, to show you what kinds of wacky Alice in Wonderland items your pet can collect… There are so many that it’s hard to choose which decorations to transform your pet’s home into a whimsical wonderland!

Pets in WonderVille Decorations Include:
Perpetually Late Bunny (with rabbit hole) – 45 PetCash
Mysterious Blue Kitty – 50 PetCash
Pink Peeper Tree – 25 PetCash
Rosy Rascals (smiling rosebush) – 8 PetCash
Janice and Jami Mushrooms – 20 PetCash
Drink Me Potion – 2000 Coins
Grand Spotted Fruit Cake – 5 PetCash
Magic Blue Hookah – 1000 Coins
Laughing Larkspurs (flowers) – 8 PetCash
Swirl-Winged Armchair – 2000 Coins
Wonderland Sky Wall – 1500 Coins
Wonderland Green Floor – 1500 Coins
*Find more in Store (these are just a few favorites)

Pets in WonderVille Costumes Include:
Alice Pinafore Dress – 3000 Coins
White Rabbit Outfit – 1200 Coins
White Rabbit Mask – 1000 Coins
Caterpillar Outfit – 6 PetCash
Caterpillar Mask – 1500 Coins
Mad Hatter Outfit – 1700 Coins
Mad Hatter Stacked Hat – 4 PetCash
Mad Hatter Hat – 4 PetCash
Cheshier Cat Outfit – 1600 Coins
Cheshire Cat Hat – 1500 Coins
Card Guard Outfit – 1000 Coins
Card Guard Hat – 900 Coins
Royal White Gown – 12 PetCash
White Queen Tiara – 9 PetCash
Queen of Hearts Gown – 18 PetCash
Queen of Hearts Crown – 12 PetCash
Tweedle Dee/Dum Outfit – 1700 Coins
Tweedle Dee/Dum Hat – 4 PetCash

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