Facebook Will Have Its Own ‘Halo’ Soon (and It’s Not FarmVille)

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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If you think FarmVille’s a social gaming juggernaut, boasting over 80 million players, Facebook Platform Manager Gareth Davis predicts that something bigger and better will trump the farm simulation game in 2010.

“There will be a killer app for social games in the same way that “Mario” was for Nintendo, “Sonic” was for Sega and “Halo” was for Xbox. We’re going to have our Halo, our Mario, soon,” Davis says in this Forbes article.

But that’s not going to be FarmVille, he says. “[FarmVille] is a light simulation [game] that has mass appeal. I think that we will see a new kind of game that people have not really seen before.”

Davis doesn’t say which game will revolutionize social gaming, though he namechecks both EA’s Madden and 2K’s Civilization Network, which are both scheduled for launch on Facebook this year. He says Facebook has also been working on building out the integration on the major game consoles “and so this year you’re going to see a lot of the major game franchises integrating with Facebook in a really interesting social way.”

That certainly could be interesting, though there’s no additional information to back up his boast. We couldn’t help but wonder if Facebook would be on tap to create this ‘Halo,’ but Davis says Facebook isn’t looking into building first-party games — yet.

We’d really love to see a follow-up discussion on Facebook’s recent announcement that it will take a 30% cut of profits from virtual items purchased via Facebook credits, which has been implemented by all of the big social gaming companies. That move could revolutionize social games in a very different way.

This article was originally published on Games.com.

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