Facebook Phone Rumors Resurface, Zuckerberg Does Not Deny

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

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Earlier this week, we told you about the latest rumors concerning a possible Facebook phone and that Facebook was working with well known hardware manufacturers on a design, while Facebook themselves would help develop the software so it could be as connected to the social network as seamlessly as possible. Well, those rumors were debunked when Jamie Schopflin stated very clearly: “We are not building a phone.”

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg sees things differently, because when he sat down with Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, he was certainly asked about the product and failed to deny the project. However, he did state he was not interested in competing with the iPhone or Android platforms, and rather just believes “What could we do if we also started hacking at a deeper level?”

“On phones we can actually do something better. We can do a single sign-on if we do a good integration with a phone, rather than just doing something where you go to an app and it’s automatically social or having to sign into each app individually. Those are the two options on the web. Why not for mobile? Just make it so that you log into your phone once, and then everything that you do on your phone is social.”

So while it sounds like they are not actually making a phone themselves, they could be working with other manufacturers or software companies on building phones that are better integrated with Facebook. Bloomberg reports that INQ Mobile has been approached to make two smartphones with Zuckerberg’s proposed purpose in mind and that one would feature a QWERTY keyboard while the other would simply be just a touchscreen. In this report, the phones would likely be released in early 2011 in Europe and late 2011 in the USA.

This is some very strange news, with very conflicting stories being thrown around. What do you think? Is Facebook building a phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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