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Sun, Sep 12, 2010

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It seems that everyone is always trying to strengthen their online brand, whether it’s through innovative new features or a new way of having people find it. Today, we’re going to discuss the new app from Facebook that is designed to help you find new Pages to like and Unofficial Instant Google Maps and Images before Google does it.

Facebook Launches “Discover Facebook’s Popular Pages” App

Facebook appears to have just launched a new app called “Discover Facebook’s Popular Pages” and looks to bring you to the Pages that most people have liked on the network. It recommends these pages based on popularity and other pages you may have “liked” in the past, along with your friend’s selections.

The app is divided up into categories including Musicians, Sports, Celebs, Movies, TV Shows, Other Media, Politicians, Brands and Games. All of these categories are shown in a visual fashion so they are instantly recognizable by anyone who would like them.

To the right of the app page, there is also a friends list showing who has the most “likes” in common with you. A click on a name will bring up a list of all your mutual likes with that particular friends and also includes an option to see all of that friend’s likes.

This is just one new way Facebook is looking to bring the things you like most directly to you in an incredibly easy way.

Unofficial Google Maps & Images

Michael Hart has created a new way to lookup Google Maps and Google Images and might be familiar to those who’ve checked out Google’s new Instant Search. These new tools, just like Google’s Official Instant Search, display results immediately as you type. Both of these unofficial tools work near flawlessly. However, Google Maps may not becomes useful until you begin typing the city.

According to Mashable, these tools were put together by Hart in a mere two hours, and also has a disclaimer “Btw, Google: I’m looking for a job too! Congrats Feross Aboukhadijeh!” in reference to the job offer made by YouTube CEO Chad Hurley looking to recruit the man behind the YouTube Instant Search.

If you’re interested, you may check out the tools here: Google Maps & Google Images.

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