Facebook News Wrap-Up: Free Facebook Credits for Playing Games, Bit.ly Links Now Working Again

Mon, Jul 19, 2010

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A couple of interesting developments have presented themselves in the world of Facebook over the past few days – the first of which revolves around what appears to be a random giveaway of Facebook Credits to users, while the other addresses the recent “glitch” seen when users tried to post Bit.ly links to the social networking site.

Receive Free Facebook Credits for.. Playing Games?

Over the last few days, everyone on the Frisky Mongoose crew has received either 20 or 25 free Facebook Credits. How? Just for playing games on the site. We haven’t done anything special, nor are we being treated as privileged in any way.  It simply seems that in an effort to better introduce the virtual (and soon to be entirely universal) premium currency on the site, Facebook has decide to give a bundle to users are random.

We say this is random because, as of this writing, there’s really no way to tell when your package will arrive. One thing does seem to trigger it though – that being the launching of a game on the site. For us at Frisky Mongoose, we’ve personally witnessed users receiving packets of either 20 or 25 Facebook Credits (again, the amount too seems to be random) while launching FrontierVille, Farm Town, and SuperFun Town! That’s three different games, from three different developers.

While 20 or 25 Facebook Credits doesn’t seem like a lot, keep in mind that that’s actually $2.00 or $2.50 US, so it’s nothing to scoff at. Remember, these credits are almost universal on the site, being available to use in all sorts of games, from CrowdStar’s Happy Pets and Happy Island to Booyah’s NightClub City, with all manner of games in between.

Bit.ly Links Now Working Once Again

Over the weekend, many users who automatically port their Twitter accounts over to Facebook (that is, all of their tweets automatically post on Facebook) were finding that their Bit.ly links were being broken, or bounced by Facebook.

When clicked on, the user would be told that the link in question had been reported as abusive by Facebook users. Now though, that issue has been resolved and Bit.ly links are once again working. So what was the problem?

Facebook has announced that the broken links were brought about by a spam prevention measure. Via a past blog post (as reported by Mashable):

These automated systems don’t just prevent spam and other annoyances. They also protect against dangerous websites that damage your computer or try to steal your information. When we’re notified about one of these sites, we immediately add it to a block list and prevent Wall posts or messages that link to it. We also provide the person who’s attempting to share the link with an explanation of why it’s blocked and a way to correct us if we’re wrong.

Sometimes, spammers try to hide their malicious links behind URL shorteners like Tiny URL or bit.ly, and in rare cases, we may temporarily block all use of a specific shortener. If you hit a block while using a URL shortener, try a different one or just use the original URL for whatever you’re trying to share.

Will do, Facebook.

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