Facebook News Wrap-Up: Facebook Publishers Can Contact Likers, Applications Bookmarked Automatically, Most Recent Going Away?

Sun, Jul 25, 2010

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Facebook is looking to incorporate new changes in the recent future, and we’ve got the biggest changes looking to come below. Facebook Publishers can contact Likers, Applications are now automatically bookmarked and the “Most Recent” tab is possibly going away.

Publishers Can Contact “Likers”

On Friday, Facebook made a significant announcement concerning publishers and “Liking”. Facebook made a change to the “Like” button that appears on many web sites (such as this one) and allows content creators to publish content to the “Likers’” wall.

Essentially, if you “Like” a piece of content on the web, the person who wrote the article can send a news story message to every person who liked the page. This is a big impact on how content creators and users use Facebook and the web. If you’d like all the technical details, have a look at the official Facebook blog post about this change.

Facebook Applications Now Automatically Bookmarked

In a big step for application developers and publishers, Facebook has announced that they will “automatically bookmark applications for users when they visit an application that has not been bookmarked.” Along with this change, they also made it so “If a user hasn’t clicked a bookmark within the past 30 days, it will move below the fold.”

This seems to be a big help, especially when they removed the old notifications a few months ago. Naturally, most application developers seem to be extremely pleased with this news. This should help users as well, simply because they can easily find games they have played recently if they forgot to push the “Bookmark” button on the application’s page.

“Most Recent” To Disappear?

A small set of users appear to be receiving an updated news feed which removes the “Most Recent” option. This is meant to be a test of sorts, to see if users like this new way of displaying updates. Most users are responding negatively however, and are looking for ways to switch back.

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