Facebook + NBA Jam = …Bubble Safari?

Okay. So, Mark Turmell, the guy behind legendarily awesome sports-mayhem-game NBA Jam, just put together a Facebook game for Zynga. Everyone who predicted the game to have nothing to do with either sports or farming, but to instead be a new take on match-three bubble shooters, raise your hand. None of you? Well, me neither, but there you go. By way of Kotaku, we’ve heard about the release tomorrow of Bubble Safari, from — like we said — Zynga and Mark Turmell.

What’s more, Turmell comes from the old-school gaming mindset, and is taking care not to fall into several of social gaming’s prominent traps. From the Kotaku article:

It is indeed designed for skilled players and—you might like this best—it doesn’t coddle you. You can’t buy your way to success. Yes, Zynga will sell you bonus bubbles to shoot if you’ve fired all the pre-set bubbles that were offered in a level, but the game will only let you make one of these purchases per level. Or if you fail a level but want to spend energy to continue? You can only do that once. “I think it’s important for players to lose and be challenged,” Turmell told me. “That’s unlike a typical social game.”

So be on the hunt for that. I expect I will be popping several bubbles in the near future.

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