Facebook Gaming Contests – Win an iPad From Family Fued or Horseshoes in FrontierVille

Tue, Jul 27, 2010

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Contests are no stranger to Facebook games – after all, everyone loves receiving free things, so what better way to attract a crowd to play your game than by offering free goodies? In this edition of Facebook Gaming Contests, we take a look at how you can win a free iPad courtesy of Family Feud, or a whopping 500 Horseshoes in Zynga’s FrontierVille

Play Family Feud for a Chance at a Free iPad

All players of Family Feud (that is, those that login and play the game this week) will have a chance to be entered into a contest to win a free iPad.

The contest can be entered by simply heading over to the game’s page on Facebook (click here to go directly there), and check the box at the bottom of the gameplay area that confirms you are eligible to enter the contest, according to the official rules listed alongside.

After that, you’ll simply go about your normal activity of playing the game, with the more points you earn while playing the Feud amounting to more entries in the contest. Once you reach 25,000 points, you’ll receive an extra entry. At 50,000 points, you’ll receive five entries, and at 75,000 points (cumulative – that is, total points earned this week), you’ll earn 10 entries.

Head over to the game’s page to enter the contest – Good luck to all who enter!

Share Your Creativity in FrontierVille and Win Horseshoes

If you’re one of the many FrontierVille players that immediately purchased the many water-themed items that were recently released in the game, Zynga is hoping that you’ll show off your creativity with their placement in a new contest being held on the game’s forums.

The contest is simply entitled the “FrontierVille Water Feature Screenshot Contest” and it requires, you guessed it, a screenshot of your Homestead to be placed on the official thread for consideration. Only one picture per person can be entered, and remember to keep all content family-friendly.

At the end of the contest (submissions will be accepted until August 3), the FrontierVille team will choose what they think are the top ten screenshots, and it will be up to the players to vote in a poll choosing from these ten Homesteads as to who should win. The top choice will win a whopping 500 Horseshoes, the game’s premium currency – quite a large prize for simply showing off your Homestead to your fellow players.

Head over to the contest’s official thread to learn more about the contest, or to enter. Good luck!

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