Fable III to Include Many More Animals

Tue, May 11, 2010

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While Fable 2 (seen at left) let all users adopt and care for a dog of their own, many players wanted more – more animals and wildlife in general. Luckily for those users, we’ll be getting just that in Fable III, says Lionhead Lead Artist John McCormack in a recent interview with Beauty of Games.

Says McCormack, “The lack of animals in the Fable franchise is always something that has bothered me and we’ve gone a little way into improving in this area for the latest installment. The problem is trying to convince an entire animation/AI team to spend their resources away from things like combat, cutscenes, expressions, gestures, simulation etc and work on the new badger we’ve just built. As you can imagine, the priority drops somewhat for these things and often don’t make the final cut.”

So what animals have they been working on? A whole menagerie, says McCormack, including bats, crows, rabbits, ducks, robins, vultures, lizards, rats, butterflies, moths, insect swarms, dogs, fireflies, geese, and “we even started on a cow.” While there’s no telling if all of these animals will make appearances in the game, the idea of new animals, along with other new additions, like being able to make babies with your co-op friends, shows how far the franchise has come in terms of depth.

Fable III is set to release sometime in Q4 of this year. We’ll be sure to bring you more news about the game, as it becomes available.

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