Ezio Meets Sonic in Assassin’s Creed II Discovery on the iPhone

Tue, Feb 9, 2010

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Assassin’s Creed II Discovery was first released on the Nintendo DS by Ubisoft and Griptonite, and now the duo has brought the game to the iPhone, albeit in a stripped down form.

Discovery is a side-scrolling action adventure starring Ezio de Auditore, the lead from the console versions of the game, and takes place during the “missing” 12th and 13th chapters of the storyline, with Ezio teaming up with Christopher Columbus and traveling to Spain.

For those worried that the game is simply a tacked on experience that’s only purpose is to make money for the company, know that the game was made “with the consultation” of those responsible for the entire series and that it “is canon.”

Gameplay is achieved via a simulated analog stick in the bottom left corner of the screen for movement (with Ezio being comparable to Sonic in that that game plays better when he is moving at fast speeds), and simulated buttons in the bottom right corner for jumping, etc. The Sonic reference is set into stone by the game’s producer Ben Mattes, who told Kotaku that the game is a “Sonic the Hedgehog slash arcade slash 2.5D platformer kind of thing.”

Sound intriguing? Here’s a convenient link to iTunes for your shopping pleasure. Assassin's Creed II Discovery

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