Experience the Arabian Nights With New Restaurant City Items and Food

Thu, Sep 2, 2010

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Last week, Playfish took us to the world of Morocco with their item theme based around a bazaar. This week, we take barely a hop, skip, or jump to the new theme, as we are being taken on a grand tour of the Arabian Nights. This theme contains new decorative and functional items, along with new recipes. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

For the coin items, the first item in the theme is the Flying Carpet Chair, which literally floats off of the ground in the shape of a chair, that can be purchased for 10,000 coins each. The next coin item you’ll find doesn’t come until the Decorations tab, where you’ll find clothes hanging up to dry, sand dividers and divider blocks, the Sands of Time hourglass, a birdcage, and other items inspired either by Aladdin or just the theme in general. There are also plenty of items allowing you to create your own street-side marketplace, with vendor tends and gold piles representing the profits. There are seven new floor tiles associated with this theme – a single sand tile, and six different types of rock, allowing you to create a rocky outcropping with sand in the middle or vice versa, only one new wallpaper is available for coins, that being the Ceramic Wallpaper.

Finally, two functional items are available for coins. A Well Dispenser is a drink dispenser costing 8000 coins that serves drinks just 1% faster than a traditional drink dispenser, and the Arabic Stove, available for 12000 coins each, which serves food just 1% faster.

In terms of premium, or Playfish Cash items, you can buy the accompanying Flying Carpet Table for 5 Playfish Cash each, Belly Dancer, Camel and Snake Charmer figures for either 7 or 8 Playfish Cash, an Astronomer’s Tent (as part of the market collection of items) for 10 Playfish Cash, and a Horizon wallpaper for 5 Playfish Cash (it looks as though you are outside – sand on the ground and blue sky above). The final item is the Dazzling Oasis, available for 20 Playfish Cash, that increases your restaurant’s maximum popularity rating by 1 point. Note that this effect does not stack if you purchase more than one.

For this theme, there are two new free gifts available. A Fruit Display contains a variety of fruit on a colorful plate, and a Rubric Candle burns atop a decorated side table.

Finally, the theme’s new recipes come in the form of a Dessert and a Drink. The Dessert is the Turkish Delight, a limited time only recipe that can be learned with three ingredients: two Sugars and a Lemon. It must be learned within the next 19 days, or you’ll lose access to it, presumably forever.

The other new recipe isn’t limited, allowing you to learn it at your leisure. It is the Mint Tea, and it comes served in a lovely decorative cup. It can be learned with three ingredients: Tea Leaves, Mint, and Water.

If you’d like to decorate your restaurant in this theme of items, head over to the game’s page to browse through the full selection.

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