Expandable FarmVille Chicken Coops Now Hold Larger Flocks

Sun, Feb 21, 2010

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By now, most of you have probably completed the two expansions on your Tool Sheds and Barns (where applicable) and are ready to expand your animal storage buildings in kind.

In come Zynga, allowing us to do just that, at least where chicken coops are concerned.

The chicken coop expansion functions identically to previously available building expansions. Starting at a one star rating, the chicken coop holds just 20 chickens. To upgrade it to a two-star coop, you’ll need to publish a call for help on your news feed, asking friends to click a link to help “raise your coop.” Find ten willing friends in 3 days or less and you’ll be able to hold 40 chickens.

Repeat the process once more and you’ll reach the ultimate three-star chicken coop, capable of holding a whopping 60 chickens! Fill the entire coop with the Golden Chickens found in your friends’ mystery eggs and you’ll be pulling down some serious in-game coinage!

Be sure to head over to your farm soon to start the process!

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