Expand Your FarmVille Nursery Barn With Help From Friends!

Tue, Sep 14, 2010

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The time has come Farmers! In a late update this evening, Zynga has added the ability for users to expand their constructed Nursery Barns, to the point of holding up to 40 baby animals.

This process is introduced to you via an in-game pop-up that should appear the next time you log into the game. From there, simply wait for the interior menu of your Nursery Barn to appear automatically, or enter the menu manually by looking inside your Nursery Barn yourself. From there, click on the Expand tab at the top of the menu, and you’ll be prompted to post a news item to your wall, alerting your friends to your launch of the Nursery Barn expansion. Through this prompt, you’ll be able to start asking your friends for the ingredients necessary for the expansion.

Upgrading the Nursery Barn is the same process as upgrading the Horse Stable, in that it will basically see you building the initial structure all over again in terms of the required ingredients. You’ll need to once again collect 50 individual ingredients, 10 each of five different items: Nails, Bricks, Wooden Boards, Blankets, and Bottles.

As usual, you can purchase these ingredients for 1 Farm Cash per item (for a total of 50 Farm Cash if you purchase the entire set at the beginning), or you can ask your friends to help you by clicking on the “Ask for More” button associated with each individual ingredient. Unlike the initial construction of the Nursery Barn, which only allowed you to click on this button to post a news item to your wall asking for parts, here, you are instead taken to the new format of ingredient acceptance, that being the reverse of the free gifts page that will allow you to send gift requests to individual friends in the hopes that they’ll send you the particular item in question.

As you start to collect ingredients, you’ll be periodically prompted to post news items to your wall giving away free ingredients. This happens when you finish collecting the total amount of individual ingredients of each type (that is, collect all 10 bricks and you’ll be able to share a free brick with friends, and so on), and when you reach the halfway point in construction (collect 25 of the 50 ingredients). When you finish construction on the expansion, you’ll be able to share a free calf with your friends.

The first expansion of your Nursery Barn will take its capacity from 20 to 30 baby animals. To reach the full total of 40 slots, you’ll need to run through the entire process yet again, collecting another 50 ingredients.

The same rules apply as before in the second expansion: you’ll be able to post news items to your wall when you finish collecting certain ingredient types, and you’ll be able to ask for items via the individual gift requests.

Since upgrading the Nursery Barn two full times might take quite a while, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start expanding your Nursery Barn now.

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