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Mon, May 10, 2010

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Are you running out of space in Cafe World? Have you already run out? Do you hesitate in buying new decorations because you fear you’ll have no place to put them and you don’t want to clutter your cafe? If that’s the case, Zynga has released a solution for you, in the form of a new cafe expansion entitled Lavish Cafe.

As additions go, this one is incredibly pricy, setting you back 999,999 coins if you’d like to purchase it in the traditional fashion, or 35 Cafe Cash, if you’d rather not save up that many coins in the bank. Additionally, to be able to purchase the Lavish Cafe expansion with coins, you’ll need to have at least 16 neighbors in the game to unlock purchasing access. Either way, the expansion brings your cafe to a very respectable 15 x 17 state.

Furthermore, an additional cafe expansion has been given a home in the game’s store, but it is listed as “Coming Soon” rather than actually being available to purchase. It is called the Astounding Cafe, and while no specific dimensions have been announced as of yet, we can only imagine that the expansion will be worthy of its name.

To take advantage of this new expansion, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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