Evilot Combines Puzzle and Defense Genresalot

Tue, May 7, 2013

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You got your tower defense in my match-three puzzle! Well, you got your upgradeable units in my anti-heroic aesthetics! This would appear to be the gruesome gestalt that is Evilot, a new “puzzle defense” game coming from TriplePoint client Syrenaica. Evilot takes some of the best ideas in game mechanics and smashes them togetheralot to form a game that is half match-three-to-upgrade, half defend-your-hoard-from-heroic-jerks, and brings it all together in a unique take on all of its elements that’s coming to iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, and I don’t know probably graphing calculators and the Atari Lynx. Jeez.

In the words of the press release, Evilot ”goes beyond the traditional ‘set it and forget it’ tower defense mechanic with the addition of a puzzle-based level-up system. Place three units next to each other in a column or row and they combine to create a more powerful, leveled-up unit.” In other words, you may start with a scant handful of rats to gnaw on the faces of advancing heroes — but if you line up three rats in a row or column, they evolve into a capybara-like super rat, able to rear up on its hind legs and start mauling. Line up three of those guys, and you get an armored albino rodent from hell that will straight-up murder you.

I love tower defense, and I love puzzles, so I think I’m going to love Evilotalot. Have a trailer!

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