Everything You Need to Know About Unlocking Mafia Wars: Bangkok

Thu, Feb 4, 2010

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The folks at Social Games Help have offered up a guide for those Mafia Wars users who have yet to gain access to the game’s newest expansion: Bangkok.

The guide gives a rundown of what items are required to unlock the expansion and how to go about earning them. Here are the basics: the three required items, the Triad Coin, Yakuza Sake and Thai Note, are all randomly dropped items that can be found in New York’s Soldier, Hitman, and Enforcer tiers, respectively.

Their random appearance means that each user will have a different experience earning them – you can find each in your first attempt or your 100th, or worse. It’s simply the luck of the draw, or, in this case, the click of the mouse.

After acquiring your three new items, you’ll need a passport to open up the path to Bangkok proper, but finding a passport can be just as difficult as finding the three required items, depending on your luck.

Once every ten hours, you can ask the travel clerk for a passport, but your chances of lucking into a passport through this method are slim. If you’ve been holding onto a stack of Godfather points (30 to be exact), you can simply buy a passport outright, or you can go with the most logical plan of asking your friends to give you a passport instead.

The passport is a drop item for users once they’ve already unlocked Bangkok, so depending on the size of your mafia, at least one of your friends probably has a passport waiting with your name on it. Why don’t you head over to the game’s Facebook page and find out.

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