Even Usain Bolt Cannot Outrun Death in Temple Run

Thu, Aug 1, 2013

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Please understand that I say the following with nothing but love for both Temple Run and admiration for Olympic champion Usain Bolt: today’s amazing news that the world’s fastest man has been added to Temple Run 2 as a playable character carries with it a bit of a discouraging undertone. Yes, it’s a rather perfect cameo for the endless runner, and it’s an extremely fun experience, but think about it for a moment longer. What we are learning today is that you can literally be the best runner on the planet — fast enough to win six gold medals, hold multiple world records in sprinting, and be generally accepted as the fastest, best runner in the world — and you still cannot win at Temple Run. Not even Usain Bolt can run well enough that he will not ultimately go plunging off a cliff, or get shredded by spikes, or be caught and devoured by horrendous monster apes. Even the press release says “don’t let Bolt get eaten by the Evil Demon Monkeys!” as if that were somehow possible. You are a cruel master, Temple Run, and we love you for it, but if even Usain Bolt can’t run fast enough to live through you, what chance do the rest of us have?

Anyway, yes, you can now play as Usain Bolt in Temple Run 2, which is fantastic. From the press release:

…Usain Bolt is now a playable character in Temple Run 2. As the first branded character in Temple Run history, Usain Bolt’s worldwide recognition demonstrates the global and cultural reach of the original endless runner game.

The Usain Bolt character is outfitted in his signature yellow and green, and designed with 3D graphics to deliver a life-like representation. Just like Bolt, the character is gifted with special and unique abilities, allowing him to boost ahead at a record-breaking pace while activating the coin magnet at the same time. Watch out and don’t let Bolt get eaten by the Evil Demon Monkeys!

Temple Run 2 is free; Bolt himself can be added to the game for 99 cents.

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