Escape from Terrible Officiating in Big Win Football

“Hey, shut up, Frisky Mongoose,” I hear you complaining. “Big Win Football is already an existing game. Don’t go wasting my time telling me that Hothead Games just released Big Win Football when you just told me about that a few months ago.” Okay, first of all, straw-man reader I’m making up right now, that’s really rude of you. Secondly, what I was telling you about before was Big Win Soccer. That’s what they call ‘football’ in countries around the world. Here, though, in the Mongoose’s home turf of the USA, football is the one with the helmets, non-spherical balls, and really bad referees. Hothead has wisely omitted that last feature, by the way, and given us Big Win (American) Football for free.

Check it out:

Kick off the American Football season by creating your own dream team and then sit back and watch them crush your online competition. Use Big Impact cards to throw bombs, make game-changing interceptions, power through impenetrable defenses and much more.

From the opening kick-off to the final whistle Big Win Football is the gridiron game for everyone.

And then, check it out more:

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