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Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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If you like to take chances, perhaps the new crate raffle system in Social City will interest you. Available in the Build menu, you’ll be able to click on rotating building icons, or the grayed icon that states “Collect All 8 and Win” for a chance to enter one of the various raffles in the game. The first raffle costs 50,000 coins per spin. The second is 5 City Bucks, the third is 8 City Bucks, and finally, the last raffle costs just 2 City Bucks per spin (this is a special raffle, and we’ll get to the details of it in a moment).

The first three raffles offer a chance at a single item from a pool of items with ever increasing rarity. That is, for the coin raffle, you’ll likely receive some sort of another coin-purchasable item. For the City Bucks raffles, however, you’ll find that more expensive premium items are given away in the 8 City Buck raffle, to make the higher price (remember, the other raffle costs just 5 City Bucks) more worth the risk.

Back to the special 2 City Bucks raffle for a moment – this raffle comes with a special condition. There are eight items available to win from the raffle itself, and if you can somehow manage to spin the wheel enough times to win them all, you’ll be rewarded with a Horse Track building for all of your troubles. In the best case scenario, this would take exactly 16 City Bucks to accomplish, if you were lucky enough to receive a different item for 8 consecutive spins, but as that’s a highly unlikely occurrence, you’ll need to keep in mind how much money you’re willing to spend on the Horse Track when all is said and done.

What have you won by playing the Social City raffles? Do you think your prizes have been worth the cost to enter?

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    i won the race track with a total of 38 CBs was worth it as it gives 60,000 added population limit but gave me a total of 82,400 so was worth it as items u buy for city bucks normaly around this price give about 40 – 50,000. the other 8 items gave between 500-1200 population limit aswell so overall was worth my time spinning