Email Bonus Treehouse, Double the Sharp Axes in FrontierVille

Sun, Aug 15, 2010

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While it may be the weekend, things haven’t been quiet on the FrontierVille homestead, as Zynga has tweaked the Mafia Wars cross-promotion to offer even more Sharp Axes to users, and have given users an added incentive to sign up for the game’s email mailing list.

Get Double the Sharp Axes By Playing Mafia Wars

Last week, Zynga launched a new cross-promotion between FrontierVille and Mafia Wars that would see FrontierVille users receiving free Sharp Axes in the game just for leveling up once over in Mafia Wars. While the promotion is still active, it has been tweaked slightly in our favor, allowing users who participate to earn not one, but two Sharp Axes every time they level up in Mafia Wars.

Remember, these Sharp Axes count as four chops to a tree, for the price of a single energy, so if you’re one of the many players who have yet to clear out their Homestead, these are a perfect item for you to stock up on.

Keep in mind though, this “double axes” promotion will only last for a short time – until the end of tomorrow (Monday), to be exact, so you’ll want to play Mafia Wars as much as you can between now and then to earn the bonus axes. It appears that the promotion will go back to “normal” after this double axes event ends.

Sign Up for Emails – Receive Free Treehouse

In a move that is sure to make the FrontierVille email distribution list explode with new members, Zynga has offered a free item to users who sign up via the game’s page. You’ll likely receive a pop-up the next time you login to the game letting you know that if you sign up for emails, you’ll receive a free Treehouse item.

All you have to do is click on the “Yes” button, and confirm your decision via the Facebook window that appears. Once you do that, you’ll receive another pop-up rewarding you with the free Treehouse, that you can instantly “Use” and place on your Homestead.

It’s an interesting item to be sure, that may or may not fit in with the exact wilderness theme of the game, depending on your viewpoint. For those characters that have leveled up to the point of having a child in the game, this of course makes more sense, but for those who have yet to reach that point, I suppose it will just serve as a nice decoration until that point.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to participate in both of these new updates while they are available.

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    These Sharp Axes count as four chops to a tree.