Eight New Items Now Available in FarmVille’s Southwest Theme

Fri, May 7, 2010

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To end another week with a bang, Zynga has expanded the Southwest item theme in FarmVille yet again, with the release of items on three of the store’s tabs: Animals, Buildings, and Decorations.

To start, head over to the Animals tab and you’ll find the most expensive animal released in this theme thus far. The Bobcat costs 22 Farm Cash to purchase, and can either be kept for use on your own farm or sent as a gift to friends. The Bobcat can be harvested from at a rate of every 2 days.

Next, on the Buildings tab you’ll find two new options in the form of a large Hacienda and a Turquoise Gallery. Both buildings go for the same price, at 46 Farm Cash, and, again, as premium items they can both be sent to your FarmVille neighbors as gifts, or kept for use on your own farm. While both buildings cost the same amount of Farm Cash to purchase, you’ll earn 1,200 experience points for purchasing the Hacienda while the Turquoise Gallery nets you only 1,000.

Finally, under the store’s Decorations heading, you’ll find five new items available to purchase that are, fortunately for us, all available for coins. The five items are a Grand Wagon, Campfire, Adobe Gateway, Adobe Arch, and Ball Cactus. The items decrease in price from the Grand Wagon at 8,800 coins down to the 1,500 coin Ball Cactus.

All of these new items come with a time limit of 23 days, giving you the time to decide if you’d like to purchase them, and for Zynga to add even more items to this growing theme, which they are sure to do. Head over to the game’s page to start shopping for these or any previously released items in the theme.

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