Eat Wendy’s, Collect Pac-Man Toys, Forget to Bring Children

Wed, Mar 9, 2011

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Pac-Man fast food toys! Wendy’s has them! Why are you still reading when you could be consuming bacon and videogame nostalgia? Starting today and lasting through April 10th, to celebrate the digital glutton’s 30th birthday, Wendy’s is giving out Pac-Man toys with every kid’s meal. Which are only for kids in name only, so, you know.

There are five such toys, including:

  • PAC-MAN Bowling: Set ‘em up and knock ‘em down! Wind-up PAC-MAN and aim for the paper ghost and fruit targets. Can you knock them all down?
  • PAC-MAN Dash: Pull PAC-MAN back, and set him free. Which way will he go? You’ll just have to see! Wind-up PAC-MAN and try to avoid the colored Ghosts or knock over the “turn-to-blue” Ghosts to win!
  • PAC-MAN Hide &Seek: PAC-MAN is always on the move! Take turns hiding PAC-MAN under one of the Ghosts and shuffling the Ghosts around to confuse other players. Where’s PAC-MAN? The player that guesses right gets their turn to hide PAC-MAN!
  • PAC-MAN Maze: It’s a race to collect the fruit as you roll the die and move around the game board. But Ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will try to keep you from moving around the board and collecting your fruit. The game includes all the pieces and instructions for 1-4 player games.
  • PAC-MAN Tag: Get ready to chase or be chased with the PAC-MAN Tag Game! Toy includes 1 PAC-MAN and 3 Ghost tags. Players can clip on a tag to play 3 active, exciting games that will get everybody up and moving around!

Oh, and each meal also comes with “a coupon for a discount on the original PAC-MAN downloadable PC game.”

This stuff is all around “while supplies last.” Which they won’t. Because they are mine. Get your own burger franchise to camp in front of.


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