Earn More for Your Baked Goods With Style Points in Baking Life

Sun, Jun 27, 2010

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Style Points are a new addition to Baking Life that allow you to increase how much your customers pay for your services. The premise is simple: the more stylish your bakery, the more money people will want to pay to eat there.

Your style rating can be found on the right of your screen, beneath the hype rating. You can raise your style rating by redecorating your bakery. When you browse objects in the store now, you’ll notice a little orange badge in the bottom right corner of each preview. This tells you how many style points the object is worth. The higher your style rating, the more money you’ll make from customers, so don’t let that rating stay at 0. There are some new decorations in the store under Floor Decor and Wall Decor with fairly hefty style point increases, so check them out while you’re redecorating. Head over to Baking Life now to redecorate and increase your profits!

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