Earn Double Mastery, Purchase Wild West Items – FarmVille Labor Day Event!

Sat, Sep 4, 2010

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While Zynga might not be throwing a grand Labor Day celebration in FarmVille this weekend, they are offering users a few new updates. First, we see a new wave of Wild West items hit the store, and secondly (perhaps most importantly), all users are being given a chance to make some major progress with the crop mastery of their choice.

New Wild West Items Include Limited Edition Crop

The Wild West theme in the game’s store is really starting to come into its own, as this latest release sees the addition of a themed crop to the mix, along with the re-release of some Adobe and Southwest items that happen to match in the theme.

The newly available items can be found on the Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs of the marketplace. To start, the new seed is the Pinto Bean, a limited edition crop that will only be available to grow for until September 30. This is a rare case where an LE crop is actually masterable, with the first level of mastery being available at 750 harvests. As for the crop itself, it can be planted for 65 coins, and will grow to maturity in 6 hours. At that point, you can sell the crop for 110 coins per square. You’ll earn a single experience point for every square of Pinto Beans that you plant.

Moving onto the Animals tab, we see two new options available – the Buckskin Horse, and the Wild Turkey. The Buckskin Horse costs 26 Farm Cash, while the Wild Turkey can be purchased for 16 Farm Cash. Both animals can be harvested from, with the Horse being available every three days, and the Wild Turkey after just two.

Under the Buildings tab you’ll also find two new items. The first is the Wild West Bank, available for 36 Farm Cash. The other item is the Sheriff Station, available for 380,000 coins. Remember, for making such a splurge, you’ll receive 3800 experience points as a reward.

Finally, on the Decorations tab, we see four new items. The Wild West Tower costs 18 Farm Cash, while the Saguaro Cactus and Barrel Cactus cost 3 and 2 Farm Cash, respectively. Finally, the Wild West Wagon costs 90,000 coins.

All of the items will be available for the next nine days, with the exception of the Pinto Beans, which (as we said above) will last the rest of the month.

Double the Mastery, Double the Fun!

For the first time since the end of May – Memorial Day, to be exact – we’re seeing game-wise double mastery being available to each and every user that plays the game. From now until the end of Monday, FarmVille is celebrating Labor Day by allowing users to harvest crops and receive 1 extra point of mastery for each and every square of a plant their harvest.

This is especially handy with the new Pinto Beans crop we mentioned above – now, instead of growing 750 squares to master the first star or the crop, you’ll only have to grow 375 squares, and so on.

And remember, if you plan on growing a different crop and activating a bushel before you harvest, you have a chance to earn not one or even two points, but a whopping three points of crop mastery for each single square you harvest in the two hour period that the bushel is active.

Don’t miss out on your chance to master some crops this weekend – head over to the game’s page to start plowing and planting as soon as possible!

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