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Mon, Feb 1, 2010

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Zynga has added a new decorating mini-game of sorts to YoVille. The next time you enter edit mode in a room in your virtual pad, you’ll be greeted by the following dialogue box, introducing you to the game’s point system, which grants points to users who creatively decorate each room in their home.

But if you, like me, are one that has already styled each room in your home to perfection, you can simply enter “edit” mode and immediately save your design to see how many points you can rack up by default. As the points accumulate, bonuses appear at the bottom left corner of the gameplay screen, with titles like “Perfect Pair,” or “Tremendous Triple,” which are earned under very particular circumstances, along with bonuses such as “Some Stuff,” which is awarded relative to the total number of items in a room, regardless of theme.

There are bonuses for having multiple chairs or two identical items in a room, along with quite a few other point bonuses, the origins of which are a bit more cryptic. Unfortunately, as of right now, there doesn’t appear to be a way to view each bonus associated with a room (and the qualifications for earning them), as clicking on your point bar brings up your overall house data, rather than that of the particular room in question.

Still, this new content gives room decorators a tangible goal to aim for; in addition to making a room that is visually appealing, you’ve now got the incentive of earning points and showing off your room levels to your friends.

Zynga’s Platinum Ninja has released a list of tips for users who wish to make the most of the new point system (as reported by YoVille Lounge):

-       Decorate all of your rooms in your home everyday to receive a daily bonus of room points!!

-       Use the coolest items in Yoville

-       Get Creative with your designs and the items you use

-       Use multiple items in your room! Make sure to use the current themed items as well as try to tap into each category of items!

-       Try moving old items around to create a new decor

-       Get your friends involved – Share your room on your Facebook Wall when you level up and your friends will be able to click in and get rewards.

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