Earn A Grill Father Super Stove in Cafe World By Playing Mafia Wars

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

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Most of us have come to know and love Cafe World Super Stoves for their one-click cooking, saving us the time of preparing ingredients individually, but did you know that you can now earn a Grill Father variety of Super Stove, for free, just by playing Mafia Wars?

It goes like this – Look for the Grill Father Super Stove icon along the left-hand side of the Cafe World gameplay area. Click on it to receive the pop-up at left, introducing you to the feature, and offering you more information.

Clicking “Yes,” will load Mafia Wars in a new window, where you’ll be told that all you have to do to receive your free stove is to complete jobs, fights, etc. in Mafia Wars to the point that you gain 5 levels. You have to end up being a minimum of level 15 for this to count, so if you’re just starting the game, you’ll have to level up to at least level 15, rather than just the five levels.

It may seem like a lot of work – playing Mafia Wars just to unlock a stove in Cafe World, but if you’d like to give it a shot, head over to the Cafe World game page on  Facebook to activate the event on your account.

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  • elle

    i did not able to get mine. :(
    how was that?
    while playing mafia i got a notice of reward that i have been rewarded a super stove @ cafe world by gaining 5 levels. but when i open my cafe world i did not have 1. :(

  • Dbayuk27

    Same with me. I started playing Mafia Wars and hit level 15 and got my pop up the I won the stove but did not get it on my cafe world. Who else is having this issue?

  • aniMEanie

    You should level up in cafe world to be able to use an extra stove. Then when a new stove is available check out the Grill Father super stove.. there will be a X1 icon on it meaning u can drag one out and place it in your cafe for free… :) Hav fun