Earn 2 Free Cafe Cash in Cafe World / Windows 7 Cross-Promotion

Tue, Jun 8, 2010

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If you’re running low on Cafe Cash in Cafe World, or simply wish to pad your growing tally of the premium currency, head over to the “Earn Cafe Cash” page, which rests atop the gameplay screen, outside of the flash window – it’s right next to the yellow Paypal button, for those that have trouble spotting it.

Once there, you’ll see a new promotion offering users with 2 Cafe Cash for answering a simple question: “Which Windows 7 feature appeals to you?” Clicking on the Cafe Cash button will load a new window, where you can choose to watch a various 7 second demo trailers of some of Windows 7′s features.

Simply choose the one you like the best, or pick one at random, and voila, you will be rewarded with 2 free Cafe Cash, which you’ll see added to your total after you refresh your Cafe. If it doesn’t show up immediately, have a bit of a patience, as it might take some time to appear.

Pretty simple, yes? Head over to the Earn Cafe Cash page to take part in this or any other 100% free activity you may have missed.

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