EA Takes a Stand Against Used Games

Sun, May 16, 2010

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The sale of used games is a bad thing for game publishers; all the profit for a used game sale goes to the retailers while the folks who developed and published the game get nothing. Sales of used product also decrease sales of new games. To combat used game sales, Electronic Arts has announced the pending launch of the Online Pass.

The Online Pass is a one-time use registration code that will come free with every EA sports title, starting with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. The Pass will grant access to multiplayer online play, group features like dynasty and leagues, user created content, and bonus downloadable content. And here’s the rub: if you want that same functionality for a used title you’ve purchased, you’ll need to pay $10 for it.

As reported by Industry Gamers, Andrew Wilson, Senior Vice President, says: “We think it’s fair to get paid for the services we provide and to reserve these online services for people who pay EA to access them. In return, we’ll continue to invest in creating great games and offer industry-leading online services to extend the game experience to everyone.” The Online Pass will start impacting gamers’ lives next month with the Tiger Woods release.

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    So there's a used game out there. if a person buys a game new, and plays it, ok. then they decide to sell it back to the store. someone else buys it, plays it. how does the game company lose money if someone else plays that specific game/disc? It's already been paid for at the new price, there's no difference between a person then playing multiplayer on your servers at that point then if the original owner had continued to play it. The effects of this are: the retailer and seller make some money (and a store worker actually will get a paycheck), your game is then played by a wider, less financially-endowed group. Yes, people may wait to buy a used copy of your game, so there may be less new copies sold and you may lose some profit (which in alot of cases is negligible.) but you can't say that those gamers would have played your game if it was only available for the ridiculous prices you sell them for anyways. If your game is good enough and people enjoy it and can expect a quality game (and not having to wait for DLC to come out to make it “whole”), then they will support the company and get it when it comes out because they want you to continue to make good games. But obviously you do not understand this. Which is prolly why when you see sales numbers go down in the future, you'll look puzzled. Used gaming doesn't hurt the market, it helps it