E3 2010: Nexon Reveals New Details for Dragon Nest

Wed, Jun 16, 2010

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At this year’s E3, Nexon revealed a new trailer and game details concerning their upcoming action role-playing game Dragon Nest. We had a chance to get a first look at the new E3 exclusive trailer for the game, and found that the game incorporates elements from shooters, like a cross-hair that will allow you to more easily aim at your enemies.

There are four different character classes to choose from in the game: an Archer, which is a mostly ranged class, sending arrows at enemies, but also being able to defend herself with combat kicks, a Warrior, which wields two-handed weapons and specializes in close-range combat, a Cleric that specializes in lightning and healing magic, and a Sorceress, a spell-conjurer who specializes in attacking enemies from a distance.

As you level up, your character earns upgrades for its class, and you’ll be able to go far with the branching discipline path trees.

As you’d  expect from MMORPGs, Dragon Nest includes your ever-ready social features, like the ability to speak with anyone in town or in your party, and send in-game mail to other users. You’ll be able to perform combat combos on your lonesome or with these friends, with the combos pulled off with another player being especially noteworthy for their strength.

As you play the game, you’ll unlock new towns to explore based on the level and power of your character. You can continue to play the game for free, forever, unlocking things as they naturally happen, or you can take part in various microtransactions, purchasing items at will that will help in your character’s advancement in the game.

In addition, leveling up also unlocks new gameplay modes for you in the game, including the expected player-vs-player mode (NestWar content that sees multiple parties going against one another). To progress further, you will find yourself interacting with puzzles as well, like those that see you opening a door, activating a device and so on.

Dragon Nest is currently in development for the PC, and you can expect a beta announcement to come sometime in the future. We’ll be sure to bring you more information about Dragon Nest as it becomes available.

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